Character Smileys

Character smileys are small images that shows each character in different emotion. This is smileys for all kind of situations, so using it depends on the situation. Try to use it only when you try to pretend to be someone else. That will make you as a special person and you will feel different! So just be use it wisely!

Here you can find our newest

Character smileys

flighty smile
flighty boy smile
angry girl
girl gone mad
ballerina preforming
china tarot
china mode
baseball cap
love baseball
all night party
quick thumb up
mad smile
angry and mad
smiley tears
crying smile
shame fart
shameless fart smiley
sleepy character smileys
time to sleep
ghetto detective
color irises
colored irises
french lady
lady with a stylish hat
singing a song
two fingers whistling
hand whistle
friends forever
best friends
smiling geek
girl in love girl
virgin in love
girl lacquer nails
lacquer nails
happy girl
girl smile
phone calls
all the time on phone
girl winks
cute girl
gangsta teeth
gold teeth
grandpa with glasses
grandpa smiley
brushing teeth
cleaning teeth
armored knight
mighty knight
live with punk
punk life
headset in ears
listen headset music
miss world
miss universe
bum listen music
pirate and parrot
pirate with parrot
live rock
rock your soul
shaving the beard
shaving smiley
shaving face
shave whole face
helicopter cap smiley
kid helicopter cap
sheriff sings
singer sheriff
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