Creature emoticons for Facebook timeline, chat, email, SMS text messages, blogs & forum.

These crazy creature emoticons have been developed and sourced by our wonderful emoticons team and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. There's a range of odd creatures in this section for you to use free of charge and as many times as you'd like to.

From a dark furry creature to a round, green prickly one, there's all kinds of funny creature emoticons for you to choose from in this collection. Use creature emoticons for Facebook and make your posts and statuses not only look unique but fun as well.

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These wonderful creature emoticons for text messages can be used as many times as you like through this site or by downloading them either onto your laptop, PC, phone or tablet. You can use them for all kinds of different messages such as text, email, Facebook, blog posts, websites, anywhere that they will fit really. Creature emoticons for email feature many different kinds of creatures in all kinds of emotions and in different situations so you'll be sure to find one that suits the message you want to send.