Puppy emoticons for Facebook timeline, chat, email, SMS text messages, blogs & forum.

These puppy emoticons are totally adorable and we know that you will be able to find the puppy emoticon perfect for you out of this pretty large collection. Not everyone is a cat lover and so we thought that adding the canines to the site would please a lot of our fans!

These funny puppy emoticons are not only cute but they cover a lot of different breeds as well which we know is important to those of you who love your doggies. Use puppy emoticons for Facebook, add them to emails, send via your cell phone in SMS messages.

From cute poodles to adorable chihuahuas and even faithful labradors, this section of the site is, of course, dedicated to those of you who love dogs. These Dog emoticons are fun and represent certain breeds so they're not just a cartoon but they can represent your pooch or one of a friend if you have one of the breeds that are shown in this category. Use dog emoticons for email and many other applications either online or on your phone as well. Add puppy smileys for text messages to texts you're sending to your friends and make them smile.