Crazy emoticons for Facebook timeline, chat, email, SMS text messages, blogs & forum.

Have a crazy day with these crazy emoticons, guaranteed to make you laugh or smile. These crazy emoticons for Facebook and many other uses are fun to use in all kinds of ways.

There are drunk smileys, angelic smileys and even a pirate smiley for when you're feeling fun and cheeky. You can use these emoticons and all other emoticons on the site for free and as many times as you would like to, there's no limit! Use these crazy emoticons for text messages and send them to your friends, we can guarantee it will make them smile!

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These crazy emoticons can be used for all kinds of reasons, they can show how you feel, indicate what you're doing or just make your messages look fun and silly. Use crazy emoticons for email and for text messages when you want to send fun messages to your friends and family or even your work colleagues, just don't do it when you're supposed to be working! These emoticons are free to use as many times as you want. Crazy emojis can make your Facebook statuses look fun so use some of these crazy smileys today to brighten things up.