Rude emoticons for Facebook timeline, chat, email, SMS text messages, blogs & forum.

If you fancy being a little rude then these rude emoticons are going to be good for you! From naked Santa, to cheeky bottoms to rude phrases you'll find something that gets your point across in this collection of rude emoticons for Facebook and other online applications or phone messages.

Whilst you may not want to use rude adult smiley emoticons often, they are here for you to use for free and as many times as you like on our site. If someone has annoyed you or you want to send one just in jest then you'll find one right for you!

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These rude smileys will make you and your friends smile, or if you really want someone to back off then you can use one of these to get your feelings known to someone! Use rude emoticons for text messages and social networks to make your posts and messages really stand out and get noticed. There are many different styles of messages in this collection so you'll be able to find one that really suits you and the point you want to make in the look you like. Use rude emoticons for email and let someone know how you feel in a straightforward way!